Beach Haven - North Shore

This client’s deck needed replacing after 15 years of hard service around a pool (with the added wear and tear of being in a sea spray zone).  After demolishing the existing deck, we set out a larger area for the new deck, set new piles and bearers (detaching the deck away from the house) and decked with wider decking.  Stainless steel fixings were used throughout the process to stop any potential corrosion in the future.  The design of the deck was improved by removing the step and returning the deck right around the pool.  Installing glass panels around the garden side of the pool, made the pool area more spacious as well as making the most of a fabulous view.  New screens were made and installed at the end of the deck to maintain privacy from a neighbouring property.

Our client was thrilled with this new deck and it has freshened up this entertainment area for at least another 15 years of service.